My story? Here goes…

My name is Nicola. I live in the Northwest with my beautiful daughter, wonderful other half, and the dog. And this is my Bookkeeping biography 😘

DSC_0464In 2008, I was handed a box containing a year’s worth of receipts and asked to get the Bookkeeping up to date. My first thought? What on earth was I supposed to do with these?

Having sat on a reception desk since leaving school at 16, I wasn’t used to complicated tasks (managing a switchboard was as challenging as it got…). But, I had that years worth of receipts categorised, in date order and entered on to spreadsheet within 2 hours. That was my first taste of manual bookkeeping.

After that, I found myself working my way into the finance office on a regular basis.

By 2013, I was heading up the finance department for an estate agent. After years of debating my future (and several wasted college courses…), I had finally found my place in the big wide world.

So, I grabbed my chances and enrolled for level 1 of the AAT qualification. Since then, I have gained 9 years of invaluable experience, qualified as AATQB, as well as being AICB.

I never chose a career in the finance world, but it certainly chose me. And I ❤️ it!